Monday, August 29, 2016


Elder Hardy and I in Grenada

So, I don't have a lot of time to write today, but I did take a lot of pictures this week, so I'm going to send those (:

Quick update: Elder Hardy, my new companion, is pretty cool and is fun to work with. He's from Utah.

The Morris Family is doing good. We are having family night with them tomorrow, but Rachel and Rodney didn't come to church, that's two of the kids. We have a new awesome investigator! His name is Casnel, but I'll tell you more about him next week! (:

Much love,

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Me roasting a pig with a Jab Jab helmet on.

So, I had a really adventurous P-day yesterday! The whole zone got together and roasted a pig with some members and friends. It was really fun, but killing and roasting the pig was a bit graphic. The Polynesian missionaries did everything for us, though. To answer some questions, Carnival is just a reason to have a huge party and drink for several days, aha, it attracts tourism for the island... umm. the locals go crazy. Some paint themselves black with tar and drag a chain around while wearing horns. It's called the Jab Jab. Carnival is pretty dangerous and inappropriate at times, so we just stay inside all day, aha.

I've been able to see some Olympics when we eat at Pizza Hut, but other than that I'm suffering. Aha. But, there's this guy named Kirani James, and he's actually from Gouyave and he runs the Mens 400 meters in the Olympics. People looove him here! Everyone went crazy when he ran. He took silver this year. Pretty impressive!

I'm doing well. Transfer calls are next week, and I really hope Elder Lameta stays because I still kind of get lost in Gouyave, aha. But I think he might be leaving :/ We had a really cool experience with a less active family! Well, the mother comes every week, but her kids don't. So, we called them up and had FHE at their home and the family all wants to do it every week now, and they all came to church last Sunday (: So, we'll keep working with them. They're the Morris family, by the way, so pray for them! Thanks (:

A-ha moments? hmm... well I've really learned how important it is to ask questions when I teach. Asking them questions may change what you had planned to teach, but it will only change it to what's on their mind and what they're concerned about which is what your supposed to teach anyways (: The Senior Couple here were talking to me about it, and it's super true. That's the Mills, and they're also super cool!

I love you and hope you have a super week!

Elder Chassse Mikkksell

The view from my apartment.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I'm doing super! Grenada is pretty similar to St. Lucia but a little different in it's own way, aha. That's how all these islands are, similar but different. I know a lot of these islands used to be or still are owned by the French, but other than that I'm a little hazy on the history. All of the ones who are still owned by the French are doing better than the super poor independent ones. But, they take pride in being independent (even though they're technically not, but that's a whole other story). They just don't receive any help from anyone, and they are too small to sustain themselves.

This week has been alright. It's been nice having Elder Lameta around, haha, and our members are all pretty awesome (like all 12 of them, aha). We visited them a lot this week and some other folk, but I guess the only really progressing one is Ian. He's come to church every week, so that is coolio. We just want to make sure he's ready and committed to baptism and want to make sure he understands everything. Cool guy! Aha, in other news, I caught some mosquito illness and have this rash all over my body, a head ache and am really tired all the time. So that's fun (: But, they said it won't last long.

Lots of love,
Elder Chase!