Monday, November 28, 2016


Sooo this week... was good. We've been seeing Rema (he's awesome) and helping him out the best we can. It's kind of weird because we are only 18 or 19 year old kids, but we offer to teach and help these people with way more life experience, aha, luckily our message is true and while I am not the best teacher in the world with 60 years of life experience, the Lord still helps me when I ask. You know, we're not actually the ones "helping" them, but I do my best to teach what Christ taught and invite the Spirit into their lives so that God can help them, and he has plenty of experience.

On a sadder note, a member of the church, Brother Doyle, was diagnosed with cancer this week and has been in the hospital. We visited him a couple times. He's such a good guy. Still has a smile on his face every time we see him and never complains. I hope he gets better soon.

Monday, November 21, 2016


This week has been all right. Elder Taylor and I got a little sick, so that was a bummer. We saw Rema a little this week. He's doing good, but he is just so busy. Wayne has been pushing us off, but I guess getting pushed off is all part of the job, aha. He's a really nice guy, so we are going to keep trying. That's part of the problem with the culture, the people are so nice but not really committed. So, we will teach a lot of people once, and it will go well, but they just thought we were here to share a quick message about Jesus and then never see them again, so setting return appointments and getting them to read on their own is tough. But missionary work was never meant to be easy, aha. 

Elder Taylor and I bought 3 gallons of ice-cream. 
(Sorry mom... and Leslie... and anyone else who tells me to eat healthy...)

And this is Beau. Or Elder Lindsey. My best friend out here. We've never been companions, and he's on another island, but I ran into him at the mission office because he was in Barbados for a day getting some paperwork done. But yeah. It was an amazing moment, and I had to take a picture, LOL!

Monday, November 14, 2016


Elder Mikesell and Elder Taylor.... Mission Life

Hey mum! Yeah, I remember you talking about that earlier in my mission, and you are so right. Joining the church is not an easy transition for most. It's a whole new culture and so much is expected of you, and Satan works extra hard on you, too. So, I'm praying for more patience. I can't always expect someone perfectly prepared, ready to be the next branch president without any work on my part as well.

Wayne was too busy all week to see us :/ but we'll keep trying. Oh! I never told you about Rema, by the way. He's our most progressing investigator, and we've been teaching him for a few months now. He is honestly searching to find out if our message is true, but he is a genuinely busy dude. But last lesson with him we told him that if he's going to prepare for baptism, we need to see him more often and he needs to put more effort into reading and everything. It went really well actually. He's a great investigator and my favorite here. We've taught him the restoration, plan of salvation, gospel, and even watched general conference with him.

Thanks for all your help and prayers for me. You help me more than you know. I love you!

Elder Chase!

Mission Life...

Monday, November 7, 2016


Welcome to Barbados Elder Mikesell!

Just wanted to let you know I'm alive (:

In short, my week was well. We saw Ian again, and he came to church! Kind of... aha, like I said he's had some really bad experiences with churches and religion in the past, but we were able to soften his heart over a few lessons, and he said he might come to church and check it out. So, we told him we missed him at church and he said he came and made it to the front gate and just hung outside listening to the speakers because he didn't want to go all the way inside. Then during our last lesson, he share a lot of personal experiences with us, so that was awesome. We also met a guy named Wayne, and he's super cool.

I love you!


Elder Chase