Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Christmas lunch with Curtis and Lolita!

Jeff opening my Christmas package for me.. aha #thankyoumom!


So... I just talked to you on skype... well, kind of. Kayla stole me for a while. But thank you for all the pictures! It looks like you all had a super time (: much love!

Elder Chase

Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday, December 12, 2016


Elder Taylor and I taking a "bro selfie".
Time has been going by pretty quick. Brother Doyle is out of the hospital and doing better! But he's leaving back to England, so he will be missed. Rema had work again, but the reason he works such crazy hours is because he and his wife got caught in a little debt when they had their baby a few months ago. He hopes to have things payed off and back to normal in the next month or so. We will continue to see him and love him.

We taught the Word of Wisdom this week, and it went so well. He is a part time bartender, but he still committed to living it. He's awesome, honestly. He is progressing really well and has a baptismal date set for February 4th.

I'm still in Blackrock Barbados. Transfers are actually New Years, but I'm 90% sure I'll be staying. The branch here is like any other Caribbean branch. Lacking in priesthood and families. But, on the plus side, full of a very family like love. I really like the members here. And yes, it's hot all the time no matter what.

Thanks for all the updates from home! I love you!!

Elder Chase

Us with Jeff. He's a cool member of the church here in Barbados who comes teaching with us all the time. He fell asleep on our couch, though, aha.

Our zone about to go share the gospel in town with anyone who will listen! :D #fun aha

Monday, December 5, 2016


So first of all, I love what you're doing with the house! Brother Doyle is doing well actually. We took sacrament to him again yesterday, and he's still got a smile on his face. (: He's just waiting for medical records or something right now because he's originally from England. Barbados medical care is not the best compared to the states, but it's the best of all the islands in the mission.

We were able to see Rema and teach him the Ten Commandments with a focus on the Sabbath Day. He really tried to come to church this week, but work said otherwise. Membership here in Barbados is just a it bigger I'd say, but it's all still branches. I get to see President more and actually he went out with us all day a little while ago (: it was fun, aha, I love him. We still have President Harrington, but every time he goes to some mission presidents seminar he comes back different for a few weeks and makes new rules, aha. Hence the no sock ties... Oh well. I'll just continue serving my best and fixing where I'm wrong.

I love you allllllll!!

Elder Chaze

Monday, November 28, 2016


Sooo this week... was good. We've been seeing Rema (he's awesome) and helping him out the best we can. It's kind of weird because we are only 18 or 19 year old kids, but we offer to teach and help these people with way more life experience, aha, luckily our message is true and while I am not the best teacher in the world with 60 years of life experience, the Lord still helps me when I ask. You know, we're not actually the ones "helping" them, but I do my best to teach what Christ taught and invite the Spirit into their lives so that God can help them, and he has plenty of experience.

On a sadder note, a member of the church, Brother Doyle, was diagnosed with cancer this week and has been in the hospital. We visited him a couple times. He's such a good guy. Still has a smile on his face every time we see him and never complains. I hope he gets better soon.

Monday, November 21, 2016


This week has been all right. Elder Taylor and I got a little sick, so that was a bummer. We saw Rema a little this week. He's doing good, but he is just so busy. Wayne has been pushing us off, but I guess getting pushed off is all part of the job, aha. He's a really nice guy, so we are going to keep trying. That's part of the problem with the culture, the people are so nice but not really committed. So, we will teach a lot of people once, and it will go well, but they just thought we were here to share a quick message about Jesus and then never see them again, so setting return appointments and getting them to read on their own is tough. But missionary work was never meant to be easy, aha. 

Elder Taylor and I bought 3 gallons of ice-cream. 
(Sorry mom... and Leslie... and anyone else who tells me to eat healthy...)

And this is Beau. Or Elder Lindsey. My best friend out here. We've never been companions, and he's on another island, but I ran into him at the mission office because he was in Barbados for a day getting some paperwork done. But yeah. It was an amazing moment, and I had to take a picture, LOL!

Monday, November 14, 2016


Elder Mikesell and Elder Taylor.... Mission Life

Hey mum! Yeah, I remember you talking about that earlier in my mission, and you are so right. Joining the church is not an easy transition for most. It's a whole new culture and so much is expected of you, and Satan works extra hard on you, too. So, I'm praying for more patience. I can't always expect someone perfectly prepared, ready to be the next branch president without any work on my part as well.

Wayne was too busy all week to see us :/ but we'll keep trying. Oh! I never told you about Rema, by the way. He's our most progressing investigator, and we've been teaching him for a few months now. He is honestly searching to find out if our message is true, but he is a genuinely busy dude. But last lesson with him we told him that if he's going to prepare for baptism, we need to see him more often and he needs to put more effort into reading and everything. It went really well actually. He's a great investigator and my favorite here. We've taught him the restoration, plan of salvation, gospel, and even watched general conference with him.

Thanks for all your help and prayers for me. You help me more than you know. I love you!

Elder Chase!

Mission Life...

Monday, November 7, 2016


Welcome to Barbados Elder Mikesell!

Just wanted to let you know I'm alive (:

In short, my week was well. We saw Ian again, and he came to church! Kind of... aha, like I said he's had some really bad experiences with churches and religion in the past, but we were able to soften his heart over a few lessons, and he said he might come to church and check it out. So, we told him we missed him at church and he said he came and made it to the front gate and just hung outside listening to the speakers because he didn't want to go all the way inside. Then during our last lesson, he share a lot of personal experiences with us, so that was awesome. We also met a guy named Wayne, and he's super cool.

I love you!


Elder Chase

Monday, October 17, 2016


My new companion, Elder Taylor, and I.
It would take too long to explain where we are or how we got here, but it was awesome!

Barbados is nice... I kind of like the other islands better, just because the people here seem a little more prideful. Like, "I don't need your Jesus message stupid white boys" kind of attitude. But of course, there are still a lot of cool people as well.

I'm getting used to Barbados. I like it for the most part. Did you know it's actually against the mission rules to say anything bad about your area to your family? Aha, I think that's hilarious. But, yeah. Lots of biking uphill... sweating.. fun.. and smiles. We've contacted a lot this week, and I'm most excited about Ian and the Washington's. So, I'll keep you updated on that.

My new companion, Elder Taylor, is a pretty cool. he's from Arkansas and played the snare drum in marching bad. He's half Filipino and half white... he's short... good missionary... so yeah, we get along well (:

All right... I'll take some more pictures. Aha, our apartment is pretty nice. Our area is all right. Barbados is the "ugliest" of the Caribbean islands, but it's still pretty sweet. I see President way more now, which is kind of weird because I used to only see him every other month or so, but it's good because I love President.

Love yall! This is Christ's church, so if your're a part of it, don't be a bum! Christ doesn't need bums!

Kay, Love Yall!

Chase! Sorry.. Elder Chase!

Monday, October 3, 2016


A dead snake I found.

River before the hurricane.
Boy, its been an eventful week... aha!

1. We had a "Hurricane" or at least we were supposed to have a hurricane, but it kind of died down to a Tropical Depression before it got to us. Which basically just means a lot and lot of rain. For two days. Nonstop. Like heavy rain. But we had to stay inside for safety reasons, so that was an adventure.

2. General Conference was pretty sweet (: I especially liked Holland and Bednar's talks, but they're always my favorite. Elder Holland was speaking about home teaching, but everything he said applied to missionary work, too.

The River the day after the hurricane or tropical depression.
In my observation, the age change for missionaries puts pressure from others to serve a mission and gets a lot of 18 year olds out here that probably shouldn't be out here. They are serving with this "Law of Moses" type mentality like Elder Holland said. With an "I have to because it's my responsibility", and let me tell you, that type of motivation does not keep you going the whole 2 years. I know because that was kind of my attitude when I came out, and I enjoyed certain moments, but for the most part my mind was focused on how many days I had before I could go back home and get my car, my family, my girlfriend, my job, my phone, music, etc. But, I reprented when Elder T showed me that we're not out here because we are supposed to be, we are out here because we want to be. I starting building actual friendships with the people I met, and life has been so much better since then. Well... until I came to Gouyave Grenada. It was a tough area, and I felt like whether I worked or not it would make no difference and I began to want what I used to have again. But! Luckily you can reprent more than once! So, I have and that's what the past couple weeks have been. Still repenting. But I've only got about a year left, and I need to make the most of it. Whatever "area" or "comp" I have. Hopefully, I won't slip again. I mean it's not part of my plan, but I'm grateful that if I do, Christ won't say, "3 strikes, your'e out!" aha, He's always there for me like the true best friend He is.

3. Transfer calls! So... I'm going to Barbados for the first time. That will be fun. I'll be in a place called Black Rock. It used to be a struggling area in the mission that everyone talked about, but now the word is that it's picking up, so I shall continue that wave of success.

4. As far as Gouyave, Casnel said he would come to conference. But he didn't make it. The Lee's are doing well but are now in the hands of Elder Hardy... and yeah.. other than that we didn't have a lot of time to work in our area this week, but I'm sure Elder Hardy will take care of it well (:

Anyways, that's about all.

Love you all!

Elder Chase

Monday, September 26, 2016


A bridge I found. Thought it was cute (:

Out teaching with Brother George (a boss).
I've been super. Ummm... as far as missionary work, I had a cool experience. We've been teaching this family (the Lee's) and the oldest son was like, "Look, you guys seem honest, and I just want to let you know, I don't really believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in God and that's it. I don't see why everyone is always talking about and praising Jesus the son of God when His father is the real one we should be worshiping." It was an interesting concern I had never really heard before, so I thought about it for a second and then decided to teach about God's plan for us. The whole reason we're here and how this entire plan would be impossible had Christ not done what He did. We are here to learn and grow and make choices and ultimately try and become more like our Father in Heaven. But He knew we would mess up at times and that meant we needed some way to be forgiven. Because "justice" would say if sin there is a punishment. And God is a just God but also merciful, and that is why he sent Christ, to show "Mercy". A mercy that could satisfy the demands of justice. Christ felt every pain and sin and sorrow we will ever have to go through, so that we could ask God for forgiveness. He paid the demands of justice in full, so that we could have mercy. And by no means does that mean, "Christ already paid for my sins so all I have to do is believe in him and I'm saved!" We have to now live His gospel and accept His atonement. After the lesson he was so happy. He just asked why no one had explained it to him like that before.

It strengthened my testimony of this church because it seems to me all the other ones do is confuse people. Now, I'm obviously not trying to insult the people in the other churches here. They are amazing. I know and teach a lot of them. Very humble honest people. But if you are being taught the doctrines of Christ mixed with the philosophies of men, it will leave you confused and searching for more, and that's why I love teaching the restoration because for those people who really do have faith in Christ and who really want to follow Him, it goes amazing. But for those people who confuse their pride with their faith in Christ it becomes obvious in minutes that they are not filled with true desire or honest searching. I'm here to help those confused honest people. As confused as I am sometimes, I still do my best because I know what is important, and I know that this is the only true church upon the face of the earth.

Shout out to my parents for getting me out here. Love you guys!


Elder Chassse

A dress Elder Hardy bought, so I tried it on.

Monday, September 19, 2016


Elder Hardy and I out and about the roads of Grenada.

The Rasta life here is real man...

This week was pretty swell! We're teaching this family, the Lee's, and they are all awesome. The father, though, is a rasta and a bit crazy, but everyone else is actually really cool! Jardeem is the oldest boy, he's 20 and he's so humble and genuinely interested and searching for truth. He's got 3 younger siblings, and his mother is taking the lessons too. And every time we go over we just have such an awesome lesson, and the Spirit is so strong. Oh, also! Casnel came to church! That was exciting, he said he liked it and we had a lesson with him afterwards. I asked him to pray and ask God the specific question of whether or not he should be baptized by the proper authority (because he was hesitant about already being baptized), and I know he'll receive his answer. (:

Other than that, I go my package!! All the missionaries were like "awww it's so cuuuute" making fun of me, aha, and then telling me to open it because they knew there would be food inside. Aha, so I said forget yall and took it home, LOL! (But Elder Hardy ate most of it), but thank you so much for the new ties and white shirts! That medium size one is my new favorite white shirt and made me realize how bad my year old white shirts are. But thank you again for the package! My diet has been hot chips for the past week. aha.

Love you lots!

Elder Mykesell

My eye just decided to get some weird infection this week, so that's been fun...

Monday, September 12, 2016


So, my week was all right. I hit my yeaaar mark, so that was exciting. I also lost my camera with all my pictures on it and spent a few days sad as could be until this random bus driver puller over when he saw me and was like, "Hey! You left this a few days ago!" And I was so happy I couldn't speak! So, that was awesome. It was also a faith builder too because at first I was like, "I'm going to pray to find my camera," but then I thought "well really it has nothing to do with my personal salvation and in the grand scheme of things probably doesn't matter to God." So, I was being a downer about it, but I decided to pray anyways that I would somehow at least get the pictures and videos on it that meant so much to me and then later that day it was returned to me by the bus driver. I've always felt like my problems, or what I think are problems, are probably small to  God and that He doesn't really care, but I know He does. That he's mindful of even the small things. I know that's a lot to say just because my camera was returned to me. It could have just been a nice conincidence, but I don't think it was. And it's not just the camera. There have been so many times on my mission when I have felt alon where my prayers have been answered.

Other than that we taught Casnel and he's doing well. He's just a bit skeptical about being baptized "again". So we're going to have to teach him about priesthood authority again.

Other than that it's been a pretty normal week.

I love you!

Elder Mikesell

Monday, September 5, 2016


I've got a couple more cool pictures for you! Family night last week with the Morris family went really well! We taught the plan with cute visual aids and everything! Casnel, our new investigator, is this guy we found who seems really prepared to hear the gospel. He's super nice. He's in his late 30's and is willing to find out if the Book of Mormon and the gospel is true. I know it sounds just "alright", but it's actually amazing! We don't have a lot of prepared people here in Gouyave. It's kind of a tough area. But, he's exactly what we need because he could really help the branch out. Other than the group leader, Brother George, we have no other active priesthood holders here. So, we need men to teach. I'll give you an update on how Casnel is doing next week. Pray for him! (:

Root beer float FAIL
All the islands eat pretty similar. Rice, Chicken and Macpie. I had that for lunch today, actually. We never get fed from members. There's just not enough members and the few we do have aren't well off like those in the states, so it would be hard to regularly feed the missionaries. I've been fed like 3 times in Gouyave, though, so I guess "never" isn't true. Aha.

I had a funny experience last week. We made root beer floats for the Morris's Family Night thinking it would be fun and they would love it. Turns out, none of them had ever had root beer before, and they all thought it was gross. Aha. So that was kind of a failure. Aha.

I'm running out of time... Thanks for keeping me updated and really for everything. I love you and the family.

Elder Chase Mikesell

Monday, August 29, 2016


Elder Hardy and I in Grenada

So, I don't have a lot of time to write today, but I did take a lot of pictures this week, so I'm going to send those (:

Quick update: Elder Hardy, my new companion, is pretty cool and is fun to work with. He's from Utah.

The Morris Family is doing good. We are having family night with them tomorrow, but Rachel and Rodney didn't come to church, that's two of the kids. We have a new awesome investigator! His name is Casnel, but I'll tell you more about him next week! (:

Much love,

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Me roasting a pig with a Jab Jab helmet on.

So, I had a really adventurous P-day yesterday! The whole zone got together and roasted a pig with some members and friends. It was really fun, but killing and roasting the pig was a bit graphic. The Polynesian missionaries did everything for us, though. To answer some questions, Carnival is just a reason to have a huge party and drink for several days, aha, it attracts tourism for the island... umm. the locals go crazy. Some paint themselves black with tar and drag a chain around while wearing horns. It's called the Jab Jab. Carnival is pretty dangerous and inappropriate at times, so we just stay inside all day, aha.

I've been able to see some Olympics when we eat at Pizza Hut, but other than that I'm suffering. Aha. But, there's this guy named Kirani James, and he's actually from Gouyave and he runs the Mens 400 meters in the Olympics. People looove him here! Everyone went crazy when he ran. He took silver this year. Pretty impressive!

I'm doing well. Transfer calls are next week, and I really hope Elder Lameta stays because I still kind of get lost in Gouyave, aha. But I think he might be leaving :/ We had a really cool experience with a less active family! Well, the mother comes every week, but her kids don't. So, we called them up and had FHE at their home and the family all wants to do it every week now, and they all came to church last Sunday (: So, we'll keep working with them. They're the Morris family, by the way, so pray for them! Thanks (:

A-ha moments? hmm... well I've really learned how important it is to ask questions when I teach. Asking them questions may change what you had planned to teach, but it will only change it to what's on their mind and what they're concerned about which is what your supposed to teach anyways (: The Senior Couple here were talking to me about it, and it's super true. That's the Mills, and they're also super cool!

I love you and hope you have a super week!

Elder Chassse Mikkksell

The view from my apartment.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I'm doing super! Grenada is pretty similar to St. Lucia but a little different in it's own way, aha. That's how all these islands are, similar but different. I know a lot of these islands used to be or still are owned by the French, but other than that I'm a little hazy on the history. All of the ones who are still owned by the French are doing better than the super poor independent ones. But, they take pride in being independent (even though they're technically not, but that's a whole other story). They just don't receive any help from anyone, and they are too small to sustain themselves.

This week has been alright. It's been nice having Elder Lameta around, haha, and our members are all pretty awesome (like all 12 of them, aha). We visited them a lot this week and some other folk, but I guess the only really progressing one is Ian. He's come to church every week, so that is coolio. We just want to make sure he's ready and committed to baptism and want to make sure he understands everything. Cool guy! Aha, in other news, I caught some mosquito illness and have this rash all over my body, a head ache and am really tired all the time. So that's fun (: But, they said it won't last long.

Lots of love,
Elder Chase!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Doctor Lameta and Nurse Mikesell

It's crazy to think 1/4 of my mission was spent in St. Lucia... It was tough leaving, but I'm here in Grenada now, and everything is good. I once again feel like I've started my mission over, aha. Every island has there similarities, but they are all so different at the same time, so I'm still getting used to Grenada. It's beautiful just like other places. My flight was fun. We had a layover in Trinidad, so now I can say I've been there! Trinidad looked HUGE from the plane. Like a real city with skyscrapers and everything. My area here in Grenada is nothing like that. I'm in a village called Gouyave (pronounced Gwauv), and it's a small place in the bush land as they call it. Not much of anything here but houses and some shops. There is a tiny super market, so that's good. (: My new apartment was so bad when I first got here, but I spent a few days cleaning it. Still not done. I don't even want to talk about it!

Elder Lameta is my new companion, and he is so cool. We were friends back in St. Vincent. He's a really big Samoan guy, and I love him! He's so funny. He doesn't complain or obsess over things that don't really matter, aha. Stephon is still filling out his missionary papers. He was so mad when he heard Elder Page and I were both leaving. I did end up getting to say goodbye to Randy, so everything worked out in the end. Aha, prayers are answered.

Well, as for my area... I'm in a group here which is smaller than a branch. Most of the members came to church last Sunday, and we had 9 people there, so that was a cool experience. It already feels like a little family because I met everyone and everyone knows and talks to each other in church. It's like a group of friends getting together you know? The teaching is a challenge here. Elder Lameta told me most of their investigators have been dropped for different reason, but we'll see how it goes.

Thanks for the updates on everything! I love you! Have a super week!

Elder Chase of the Mikesell Clan

Monday, July 11, 2016


Emmy, Elder Zuniga and I

Well, I'm on a plane in 2 days, but we will talk about that later. Aha. My week has been good... a lot of walking in the rain... uphill... for hours... lol in a good way! But, yeah, like I said, I'll be flying to Grenada in a couple days. I have some mixed feelings. I mean, I've been here in St. Lucia for 6 months now, so I am kind of ready to go... but at the same time it has been really hard to say good bye to everyone. :/ But, I'm sure Grenada will be good. My new companion's name is Elder Lameta. We're actually really good friends, so that will be fun. He's a cool guy from Samoa. Really big guy, too, so he'll make me look even smaller. But anyways, I'll let you know how Grenada is when I get there. Stephon is one of my best friends out here, and I'm going to miss the guy. He gave me his necklace, so I gave him one of my sock ties. Hard to part with... but he was beyond happy. He's serving his mission pretty soon, and he was like, "I will wear this tie everyday." He's a great guy. When I first got here he was kind of a punk who was too cool for everything, but I made good friends with him and brought him out teaching with us all the time, and now he's one of the most spiritual guys I've met. I could tell you all about the people that I've come to love and now have to say goodbye to, but that would take years, aha.

Kennedy and Germane, and her sister... and me!

All my bros here in St. Lucia

Monday, July 4, 2016


Elder Page and I being stylish... I guess. 

I got your package and opened it immediately! Aha! Tell Brandon I said thank you for his art work. It was really fun explaining everything to my companions and the senior couple. LOL but thank you so much for sending me a package just for the fun of it. (: I finally have a watch again, and I've devoured most of the junk food already. I gave a bag of hot fries to Kennedy, though, because they don't have those here, and he was like, "Holy Smokes... these are good." Aha.

My week has been good (: We have this really progressing investigator named Nisa, and she's come to church twice now (: She really enjoys it... even though our branch president started yelling false doctrine over the pulpit yesterday. Like yelling. But, he always does that. We are teaching Nisa's whole family, but she's the only one really progressing. She's about 21 and is treated very well by the young adult priesthood holders here, aha. Long story short, everyone thinks she is really cute, so Junia, Stephon, Rodrick, Valance and others have all tried putting the moves on her. It's kind of weird, but at least she's making friends at church, aha. As for Ozwald's family that I told you about, they are doing good. Ozwald is just kind of confused about the historical evidence of the Book of Mormon he says. He said he found stuff on google that makes it seem like it could be true but that he also found stuff that makes it all seem fake. So, we had a lesson with him about how proof and evidence will never be enough, but how he needs to read and pray about the book to receive a witness from the Spirit. We were able to give a blessing to a member and her daughter. They were very sick, and the blessing helped them so much. I had no doubt it would. Emmy (that's the mother) has so much faith and knowledge of this gospel. She is easily one of my favorite people I've met on my mission. She's so chill and loves watching church movies with us (: aha.

Have a stellar week. I love you!

Chasssse the Elder Mikesell

The two girls I am kind of giving piano lessons to. Also, they genuinely believe that I'm Adele's brother...)

Monday, June 13, 2016


A picture of Elder Page and I... it ain't much but it's a picture.

Elder Zuniga and I have another companion. His name is Elder Page. He's pretty sweet. It's nice to be able to talk to someone about music, haha.

I'm doing well. We found a few actually married families this week that we are going to teach, so we'll see how that goes (: I"m pretty excited about it (: Pray for Ozwald's family especially. I'll tell you about them next week.

I love you and thank you for like eeeeverything!

Elder Chase

Monday, June 6, 2016


My tripanionship... it looks like an album cover for some punk band.

I met this guy. He was in Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, so that was cool.

Elder Page getting his Super J membership card. We thought it was a pretty special accomplishment.

Hello there! It's been greaat. Elder Page is pretty rad. He was in a band back home and loves music. He likes to write songs and stuff but doesn't know any music theory... well he knows some, but I've been teaching him a lot to help him with his song writing, and he's like in love with music theory now, so it's been fun. (: We both listen to a lot of the same stuff, too. Like 21 Piolts and Panic! at the Disco (: Really chill guy.

My investigators are amazing. However, due to the elections being today... we haven't been able to see any of them. These people take elections very seriously and have been throwing political parties for weeks now. I think it's just an excuse to drink and party. It hasn't helped missionary work at all.

My former companion in St. Vincent, Elder T is good. He hates being AP, but he told me to tell you guys Hello (: Elder Merrell is in his last transfer which is weird because when I first met him he was just over a year out... But he's loving life and ready to go home.

I'm doing well. No big p-day plans today... just play piano at the church with Elder Page. We're going to write a song this transfer. aha.

Love you,
Elder Chase

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


That would be me... deep in thought.

We've got these two families we are teaching that are awesommme. One is Sirdy's family and the other is Birtillia's family. They both live kind of far from church, though, so pray that they might be able to make it! They're all actually reading and understanding the Book of Mormon, though, and they love it! They were saying things in the next lesson like, "That reminds me of the way Laman and Lemuel were acting when..." or "Nephi is a perfect example of that because he followed the spirit to get the plates and he had no idea what was going to happen." It's pretty amazing, but it is rare that an investigator actually reads and even rarer that they understand it. Now we just have to get them to pray about it, and they will be baptized really soon (: Of course they still have a lot to learn, but when the whole missionary lesson process starts with a good testimony of the Book of Mormon, everything just goes so much better. I'll let you know how they are.

Elder Mikesellllll (:

Elder Nixon and I on a cool hike.

We all know who I took this picture for. #loveyoubrandon

Monday, May 23, 2016


Justice's baptism! It was raining pretty hard, but we still had a good time (:

Zone conference went well! It wasn't as fun as the last one cause our topic was about planning and stuff.. but it was still good to see president. I talked to him a lot. (:

So, I had a surprise baptism! Aha! His name is Justice, and the reason I haven't told you about him is even though we're really good friends, he's technically not my investigator because he lives outside of my area. But, I've been able to teach him a few times and answer some of his questions, and he is such a great guy. He is from Nigeria, and he's here for Med-School right now. He shared his testimony during his baptism, and man, this guy just gets it. He's going to be such a great help to the church. He talked about how back home everyone is christian and everyone loved and idolized the bible, but he used to ask his friends, "If you found another book that taught the word of God would you love that too? Do you love the actual words and teachings in the bible or just the book itself?" And then he talked about how he always felt like there had to be some other book out there that didn't replace but supported the bible. I mean, talk about God preparing his people for the message of the restoration! Anyways, after taking the discussions for a few months, he asked if I could be the one to baptize  him, and that was amazing.

I love you!
Elder Mikesell

Me dramatically thinking while driving on a rainy day...

Elder Millers goodbye party. We watched Ephraim's Rescue with some members.