Monday, June 6, 2016


My tripanionship... it looks like an album cover for some punk band.

I met this guy. He was in Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, so that was cool.

Elder Page getting his Super J membership card. We thought it was a pretty special accomplishment.

Hello there! It's been greaat. Elder Page is pretty rad. He was in a band back home and loves music. He likes to write songs and stuff but doesn't know any music theory... well he knows some, but I've been teaching him a lot to help him with his song writing, and he's like in love with music theory now, so it's been fun. (: We both listen to a lot of the same stuff, too. Like 21 Piolts and Panic! at the Disco (: Really chill guy.

My investigators are amazing. However, due to the elections being today... we haven't been able to see any of them. These people take elections very seriously and have been throwing political parties for weeks now. I think it's just an excuse to drink and party. It hasn't helped missionary work at all.

My former companion in St. Vincent, Elder T is good. He hates being AP, but he told me to tell you guys Hello (: Elder Merrell is in his last transfer which is weird because when I first met him he was just over a year out... But he's loving life and ready to go home.

I'm doing well. No big p-day plans today... just play piano at the church with Elder Page. We're going to write a song this transfer. aha.

Love you,
Elder Chase

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