Monday, February 13, 2017


Heyyy! So, this week has been good (: Life is good with Elder Neves. No new news on Kim :/

We have a new investigator named Chad who is super cool! He's 16, and he already has his own place, so that's cool, aha. We taught the restoration and his only question was "how can I join this church?" So, that was a nice miracle this week. We explained baptism to him, and he said he wants to work towards it with us. So, it's going to be great. (: Bujo is this guy who helped us fix our bikes, so we started teaching him. He's super nice and humble. He lives with his girlfriend, Cindy, and she's funny. She wasn't interested at first, but she overheard us teaching Bujo and started asking questions, and now she's totally interested. Aha, Zack is good as well (: He actually knows Chad! So, we are hoping they will help each other get baptized! He's still reading a chapter a day. He's in 2 Nephi, and it's going well. Came to church last week (: yeah, all good over here!


Elder Mikesell

Monday, February 6, 2017


Heyyy! Zack is doing well. He's still reading a chapter a day and is in 2nd Nephi now, so we warned him about the Isaiah chapters, and he took it as a challenge and said that it would't faze him. He said he is going to read the whole Book of Mormon no matter what, so that was sweet. Then we had a pretty funny lesson on fasting with him, and he was like "nooo... that is literally going to be the hardest commandment for me to keep. I love food." Aha. So he committed to start practicing with a 2 hour fast 😂 which I don't think is a real thing, but I'll take it. Aha. And it's funny because he's such a thin guy....

Kim! We are seeing her tonight hopefully. She's finally not sick, so everything should go fine.

Transfers! I'm getting a new companion, but I'm staying in my area. Plus! My new companion is not just new... he's NEW. Like 1 day on the mission, so that will be fun. His name is Elder Neves, and he's from Arizona. I'm meeting him tomorrow, so wish me luck (:


Elder Chase Mikesellah

Bujo is one of the coolest guys that I teach, and I just found out he has a secret hobby. LOL!