Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Doctor Lameta and Nurse Mikesell

It's crazy to think 1/4 of my mission was spent in St. Lucia... It was tough leaving, but I'm here in Grenada now, and everything is good. I once again feel like I've started my mission over, aha. Every island has there similarities, but they are all so different at the same time, so I'm still getting used to Grenada. It's beautiful just like other places. My flight was fun. We had a layover in Trinidad, so now I can say I've been there! Trinidad looked HUGE from the plane. Like a real city with skyscrapers and everything. My area here in Grenada is nothing like that. I'm in a village called Gouyave (pronounced Gwauv), and it's a small place in the bush land as they call it. Not much of anything here but houses and some shops. There is a tiny super market, so that's good. (: My new apartment was so bad when I first got here, but I spent a few days cleaning it. Still not done. I don't even want to talk about it!

Elder Lameta is my new companion, and he is so cool. We were friends back in St. Vincent. He's a really big Samoan guy, and I love him! He's so funny. He doesn't complain or obsess over things that don't really matter, aha. Stephon is still filling out his missionary papers. He was so mad when he heard Elder Page and I were both leaving. I did end up getting to say goodbye to Randy, so everything worked out in the end. Aha, prayers are answered.

Well, as for my area... I'm in a group here which is smaller than a branch. Most of the members came to church last Sunday, and we had 9 people there, so that was a cool experience. It already feels like a little family because I met everyone and everyone knows and talks to each other in church. It's like a group of friends getting together you know? The teaching is a challenge here. Elder Lameta told me most of their investigators have been dropped for different reason, but we'll see how it goes.

Thanks for the updates on everything! I love you! Have a super week!

Elder Chase of the Mikesell Clan

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