Monday, October 3, 2016


A dead snake I found.

River before the hurricane.
Boy, its been an eventful week... aha!

1. We had a "Hurricane" or at least we were supposed to have a hurricane, but it kind of died down to a Tropical Depression before it got to us. Which basically just means a lot and lot of rain. For two days. Nonstop. Like heavy rain. But we had to stay inside for safety reasons, so that was an adventure.

2. General Conference was pretty sweet (: I especially liked Holland and Bednar's talks, but they're always my favorite. Elder Holland was speaking about home teaching, but everything he said applied to missionary work, too.

The River the day after the hurricane or tropical depression.
In my observation, the age change for missionaries puts pressure from others to serve a mission and gets a lot of 18 year olds out here that probably shouldn't be out here. They are serving with this "Law of Moses" type mentality like Elder Holland said. With an "I have to because it's my responsibility", and let me tell you, that type of motivation does not keep you going the whole 2 years. I know because that was kind of my attitude when I came out, and I enjoyed certain moments, but for the most part my mind was focused on how many days I had before I could go back home and get my car, my family, my girlfriend, my job, my phone, music, etc. But, I reprented when Elder T showed me that we're not out here because we are supposed to be, we are out here because we want to be. I starting building actual friendships with the people I met, and life has been so much better since then. Well... until I came to Gouyave Grenada. It was a tough area, and I felt like whether I worked or not it would make no difference and I began to want what I used to have again. But! Luckily you can reprent more than once! So, I have and that's what the past couple weeks have been. Still repenting. But I've only got about a year left, and I need to make the most of it. Whatever "area" or "comp" I have. Hopefully, I won't slip again. I mean it's not part of my plan, but I'm grateful that if I do, Christ won't say, "3 strikes, your'e out!" aha, He's always there for me like the true best friend He is.

3. Transfer calls! So... I'm going to Barbados for the first time. That will be fun. I'll be in a place called Black Rock. It used to be a struggling area in the mission that everyone talked about, but now the word is that it's picking up, so I shall continue that wave of success.

4. As far as Gouyave, Casnel said he would come to conference. But he didn't make it. The Lee's are doing well but are now in the hands of Elder Hardy... and yeah.. other than that we didn't have a lot of time to work in our area this week, but I'm sure Elder Hardy will take care of it well (:

Anyways, that's about all.

Love you all!

Elder Chase

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