Monday, September 26, 2016


A bridge I found. Thought it was cute (:

Out teaching with Brother George (a boss).
I've been super. Ummm... as far as missionary work, I had a cool experience. We've been teaching this family (the Lee's) and the oldest son was like, "Look, you guys seem honest, and I just want to let you know, I don't really believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in God and that's it. I don't see why everyone is always talking about and praising Jesus the son of God when His father is the real one we should be worshiping." It was an interesting concern I had never really heard before, so I thought about it for a second and then decided to teach about God's plan for us. The whole reason we're here and how this entire plan would be impossible had Christ not done what He did. We are here to learn and grow and make choices and ultimately try and become more like our Father in Heaven. But He knew we would mess up at times and that meant we needed some way to be forgiven. Because "justice" would say if sin there is a punishment. And God is a just God but also merciful, and that is why he sent Christ, to show "Mercy". A mercy that could satisfy the demands of justice. Christ felt every pain and sin and sorrow we will ever have to go through, so that we could ask God for forgiveness. He paid the demands of justice in full, so that we could have mercy. And by no means does that mean, "Christ already paid for my sins so all I have to do is believe in him and I'm saved!" We have to now live His gospel and accept His atonement. After the lesson he was so happy. He just asked why no one had explained it to him like that before.

It strengthened my testimony of this church because it seems to me all the other ones do is confuse people. Now, I'm obviously not trying to insult the people in the other churches here. They are amazing. I know and teach a lot of them. Very humble honest people. But if you are being taught the doctrines of Christ mixed with the philosophies of men, it will leave you confused and searching for more, and that's why I love teaching the restoration because for those people who really do have faith in Christ and who really want to follow Him, it goes amazing. But for those people who confuse their pride with their faith in Christ it becomes obvious in minutes that they are not filled with true desire or honest searching. I'm here to help those confused honest people. As confused as I am sometimes, I still do my best because I know what is important, and I know that this is the only true church upon the face of the earth.

Shout out to my parents for getting me out here. Love you guys!


Elder Chassse

A dress Elder Hardy bought, so I tried it on.

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