Monday, September 5, 2016


I've got a couple more cool pictures for you! Family night last week with the Morris family went really well! We taught the plan with cute visual aids and everything! Casnel, our new investigator, is this guy we found who seems really prepared to hear the gospel. He's super nice. He's in his late 30's and is willing to find out if the Book of Mormon and the gospel is true. I know it sounds just "alright", but it's actually amazing! We don't have a lot of prepared people here in Gouyave. It's kind of a tough area. But, he's exactly what we need because he could really help the branch out. Other than the group leader, Brother George, we have no other active priesthood holders here. So, we need men to teach. I'll give you an update on how Casnel is doing next week. Pray for him! (:

Root beer float FAIL
All the islands eat pretty similar. Rice, Chicken and Macpie. I had that for lunch today, actually. We never get fed from members. There's just not enough members and the few we do have aren't well off like those in the states, so it would be hard to regularly feed the missionaries. I've been fed like 3 times in Gouyave, though, so I guess "never" isn't true. Aha.

I had a funny experience last week. We made root beer floats for the Morris's Family Night thinking it would be fun and they would love it. Turns out, none of them had ever had root beer before, and they all thought it was gross. Aha. So that was kind of a failure. Aha.

I'm running out of time... Thanks for keeping me updated and really for everything. I love you and the family.

Elder Chase Mikesell

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