Monday, October 17, 2016


My new companion, Elder Taylor, and I.
It would take too long to explain where we are or how we got here, but it was awesome!

Barbados is nice... I kind of like the other islands better, just because the people here seem a little more prideful. Like, "I don't need your Jesus message stupid white boys" kind of attitude. But of course, there are still a lot of cool people as well.

I'm getting used to Barbados. I like it for the most part. Did you know it's actually against the mission rules to say anything bad about your area to your family? Aha, I think that's hilarious. But, yeah. Lots of biking uphill... sweating.. fun.. and smiles. We've contacted a lot this week, and I'm most excited about Ian and the Washington's. So, I'll keep you updated on that.

My new companion, Elder Taylor, is a pretty cool. he's from Arkansas and played the snare drum in marching bad. He's half Filipino and half white... he's short... good missionary... so yeah, we get along well (:

All right... I'll take some more pictures. Aha, our apartment is pretty nice. Our area is all right. Barbados is the "ugliest" of the Caribbean islands, but it's still pretty sweet. I see President way more now, which is kind of weird because I used to only see him every other month or so, but it's good because I love President.

Love yall! This is Christ's church, so if your're a part of it, don't be a bum! Christ doesn't need bums!

Kay, Love Yall!

Chase! Sorry.. Elder Chase!

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