Monday, May 23, 2016


Justice's baptism! It was raining pretty hard, but we still had a good time (:

Zone conference went well! It wasn't as fun as the last one cause our topic was about planning and stuff.. but it was still good to see president. I talked to him a lot. (:

So, I had a surprise baptism! Aha! His name is Justice, and the reason I haven't told you about him is even though we're really good friends, he's technically not my investigator because he lives outside of my area. But, I've been able to teach him a few times and answer some of his questions, and he is such a great guy. He is from Nigeria, and he's here for Med-School right now. He shared his testimony during his baptism, and man, this guy just gets it. He's going to be such a great help to the church. He talked about how back home everyone is christian and everyone loved and idolized the bible, but he used to ask his friends, "If you found another book that taught the word of God would you love that too? Do you love the actual words and teachings in the bible or just the book itself?" And then he talked about how he always felt like there had to be some other book out there that didn't replace but supported the bible. I mean, talk about God preparing his people for the message of the restoration! Anyways, after taking the discussions for a few months, he asked if I could be the one to baptize  him, and that was amazing.

I love you!
Elder Mikesell

Me dramatically thinking while driving on a rainy day...

Elder Millers goodbye party. We watched Ephraim's Rescue with some members.

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