Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Me and my new companion, Elder Zuniga at the top of a lighthouse. 

My week has been... well.. it's been interesting. Aha. We had an "emergency transfer" before the 6 weeks were done. I'm still here, but Elder Miller's gone... (not because of anything we did, aha). My new companion is a good guy. He wants to be a good missionary which is good. His name is Elder Zuniga. He's from Riverside, California. That's been a lot of my week. Other than that, we have Zone Conference tomorrow with President Harrington, so that's exciting. (: I love when President is on the island.

We've got this new lady that we are teaching, named Shane, who's really cool. She used to meet with the missionaries before, but she was living with a man, so they told her to call the missionaries up when she could move out. Now she's moved out, and she wants to continue working towards baptism! (: I'm excited for her.

Everything else is kind of the same. It's been a hectic week. Aha. I've been in Castries for a few days as well, but now I'm back and ready to work! Aha.

Love you lots!

Elder Mikesell

This is my area! Vieux Fort is a cool little place (:

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