Monday, September 28, 2015


Elder Mikesell Barbados Bridgetown Mission

I'm on the island of St. Vincent here in the Caribbean. My area is mostly the south side of the island. Everything's amazing here. Best mission in the world, aha, well, other than the mid-day heat and humidity... and some other stuff. But, yeah. It's been an interesting week. My companion's name is Elder Merrell, and he's from some town in Utah. He's the zone leader, so we are one of the very few elders with a car. An amazingly air conditioned blessing, aha. Also, the AC broke in the guest house that we are staying in, so that sucks, but it will be fixed soon, apparently.

Elder Mikesell with his companion, Elder Merrell
Elder Merrell is a lot like Alec, in some ways... We get all of each other's movie quotes and references from Good Mythical Morning to Sponge-Bob to other random videos we've both seen. We quote stuff 24/7. It's quite a swell time. He plays piano pretty well by ear and played tennis in school. He also tells really funny stories. They mostly involve him getting rejected by girls, aha, but yeah.

I don't have a lot of time, but the people here are most of the time super nice and willing to listen to missionaries. The biggest problems are that young men usually smoke weed and drink, people just live together because marriage is expensive and not really a thing here, and most people don't have a car to get to church. So, we get a lot of new investigators all the time and run into one of those problems. It sucks, but I'll just keep looking and serving and all that.

Sunday was cool. There were about 35-ish people at church. I had never taken the sacrament in such a... poorly constructed ghetto building. I sat next to the window, and let me tell you, I had also never taken the sacrament with such a beautiful view. The hills and the ocean all right there. And the peoples faith and love for God is amazing.

I'm almost out of time! I love you! Talk to you next week. (:

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