Friday, September 18, 2015


Elder Mikesell in the MTC... Yep

My MTC District
Yeah! I've had two investigators here in the MTC for practice. One was My teacher, Brother Perry, who was an amazing dude! I'll send you a group picture of my district with him. He's a great teacher and really helped me understand the importance of getting to know and love your investigators, so you can teach them what they need to be taught at that point in their lives. He was also quite inspirational because he had a speech impediment where he would stutter all the time. He shared his story about how nervous he was about serving his mission because he wanted to be able to teach with the spirit, but he was worried that his stutter would distract from that spirit and affect his lessons with his investigators. But after being taught by him, his stutter only added personality to the class, aha, he really did teach with the spirit, and he was just a chill dude. So, that's my morning class teacher, Brother Perry.

Elder Nixon and I being super hot
My other investigator is what they call a TRC investigator. TRC investigators could be real people interested in the church who sign up to be taught in the MTC, or they can just be MTC teachers pretending to be that... and that's what Elder Nixon and I got. His name's Brandon, and he's definitely already a member, aha, we can just tell through things he's said and done throughout our lessons... and that he hangs out in the teacher's office place after we teach him with his obvious friends. But, it's still been nice. Unfortunately, we were paired up with another companionship to teach him... It's so hard to teach a lesson to one guy when there's four missionaries who all have a little different idea of where they want to go with the lesson and stuff. But, it's been swell... we are teaching him about baptism tonight because we invited him to be baptized, and he wants to know more first and all that. But Nixon and I got our teacher to agree to baptism! :D But, he was probably just being nice cause we're his kids, aha.

Other spiritual experiences! So, we watched this talk that Elder Bednar gave to the missionaries called "Characters of Christ", and oh my goodness was it good. It really gives you a new perspective on who Christ was just as a person while he was here on earth. Unfortunately, it's only available in the MTC which stinks. But, oh well. Another suuuuper cool thing that happened is Elder Dube just sat next to me and my district during lunch a couple days ago. It was so stellar. He's in the quorum of the 70 and he talked in the 2013 October General Conference. I actually remember him speaking, too. He was the guy from Zimbabwe. He had the cool African accent and everything.

Click here to read Elder Bednar's talk "The Character of Christ"

Saying goodbye to Brandon for 2 years
Last spiritual experience is that we had a devotional given by the General Primary Presidency leader. I can't remember her name, but she did a lot better than I thought she would. I was hoping for Holland or Bednar, but she was fine, too, aha. Anyways, she showed this clip of the Savior performing miracles, and he was perfecting the body deformities of these people, and I couldn't help but think of Brandon and his desire for a perfect body. When we had a district meeting afterwards, I was called on to share my favorite part and why and all that, so I told my district about Brandon and how much he means to me but how much more he means to the Savior, and of course, I had to cry in front of everyone. Aha, but don't worry, it was a manly cry.

Me in class everyday...
I wrote this song that my district sings called "Trapped in the MTC", lol! It goes:

"There's a world out thereee! but I'm trapped in the MTC... Yes, There's a world out thereee!" (the rest of the group) "Where?!" "Outside of the MTC!"

The MTC food is slightly above mediocre, aha. I had shrimp for the first time... it was good, but I think that might have just been because it was fried... and I had fish (also fried) and that was good too...

All my flippin snacks. #thanksfam


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