Monday, November 9, 2015


Elder T and I

These little guys are everywhere.
I know, time is going by quickly! I just wish I had more time to email, answer questions and then talk about everything else, but it's just impossible! aha! Elder T is awesome. So nice and giving and a great trainer. He's also loud and funny. aha. Like he will yell "Elder Mysell! I will shot you!" In our apartment and stuff like that. So expect another good 6 weeks (: Our apartment is still pretty nice. The shower is a little jank. It's either high pressure cold showers or low pressure warm showers. So, I do the 2nd. I hate cold showers.

Most islands are a zone. I think Barbados has 2. Elder Merrell will be the new zone leader there now cause he is awesome.

Yes, yes... I'm facing the fact that the my farmers tan after a 2 year mission will be real bad...

Guess what happened this morning? So, I didn't personally have a super strong testimony on priesthood blessings, but this experience was quite amazing. Last Saturday, a member called Elder T and I and asked if we could come giver her husband (a nonmember) a blessing of comfort. So, we asked what's going on and she said that he had lost his job and gone through some "other things" that have thrown him into a deep depression and that he was talking about suicide and that she was scared. So, we head over there and he says he doesn't want the blessings. I was pretty disappointed because I know that priesthood blessings work soley on the faith of the person giving the blessing and the person receiving the blessing. We couldn't force him to want a blessing. So, Sunday goes by and we go to bed, but this morning at 6am his wife calls us and asks if we can come over right now because he would like a blessing. So, we get up and head down there again, this time because he asked for it. I explained priesthood blessings to him and begin to give him a blessings and although I was pretty nervous, my words were completely led by the Spirit. Directly after finishing the blessing he asks if he can be baptized. (He has apparently taken a few lessons before). We were like "Yes, of course!" and so we are going to teach him again and he said he is going to come to church. Keep him in your prayers. His name is Brian.

I have to go now. Thank you for all you do for me. I love you lots.

Elder Mikesell the Fourth

Beautiful St. Vincent

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