Monday, October 19, 2015


Another pic from my La Soufriere volcano hike!
Yep, I'm in a month now... Oh! We have a golden investigator... kind of.. her name is Nicole. She's 25 years old and super interested in the Book of Mormon and where it came from and what it is all about. The whole first lesson was answering her many, many questions. We taught her a few days ago about the restoration of the gospel. It was a long lesson, but it was amazing. When I told her about the first vision, she said she was getting goose bumps, and I told her, "That's the Spirit Nicole." Then we got her to come to church this Sunday, but she had to leave after Sacrament meeting. She says she'll stay the whole time next week, though. (: But, I just really learned to love her last lesson because she really opened up about how she felt really confused and lost and just needed some sort of help from God, so she's looking for Him right now and what we are teaching feels right. So, yeah... that's Nicole. She's awesome.

Our other investigators are Malinda and Kennald. Malinda is sick, so our last appointment was canceled, but other than that she's well. She keeps all of the commitments. Kennald is... busy. Like actually busy. If he weren't so awesome and friendly and most of all NORMAL, we would think he's avoiding us, but he just got a job as an elementary gym teacher, and he plays football (soccer, not American football.. that's not even a thing here.) We just never find time to teach him, but we'll keep trying. The reason I said NORMAL by the way is because a lot of people you meet here are just crazy people, aha. There's crazy Rasta men, crazy old ladies, and just all sorts of crazy people. aha. We have a lot of investigators, that's not too big of a problem, it's just that they don't progress usually. We do a lot of work with inactive members as well. We get an occasional referral, but most investigators are from street contacts.

You don't knock doors here. You walk up to the house and say, "Good day inside!" or "Good night inside!" depending on the time of day, but we have talked to a few people that way as well. That's how we found Kennald.

Me and Elder Merrell
What is a typical day like for me? Wake up... shower, eat, get dressed, study forever, lunch, go out and teach investigators or inactives, when an appointment falls through at the last second, use that time to contact new people, go home, eat, shower again, sleep. That's pretty typical, I'd say. Elder Merrell and I get along a little too well sometimes, aha. Because we have a similar sense of humor, we can sometimes get a little "distracted" from the work. aha. But, we are doing great. I think my mission experience can only get worse from here (:

What's the biggest thing I've learned so far? hmmm... how little I knew about the Book of Mormon, so I'd say the biggest thing I've learned is how awesome The Book of Mormon really is. It is a spiritual nourishment like none other but more than that it's just entertaining, ya know? When you actually know who's who and where they are and what's going on and all that. So, I've learned to love the Book of Mormon.

Beautiful scenery here in St. Vincent
St. Vincent is just great. I love... the people the most. They are so nice (most of them anyways) and willing to just sit down for a second and listen to some white boys talk about Jesus. I've had bread fruit, five finger fruit, golden apple and sugar apple. Bread fruit is very strange... the others are just fruity and sometimes good, sometimes bad, aha, just like other fruit. Mangoes are really good here, though!

Oh! I forgot to tell you! A few weeks ago, there was a strait up murder right outside our house. aha. The gunshots woke me up. That morning Elder Merrell and I go check it out and there were a bunch of scary military looking people with assault rifles securing the area and the dead body was just through the bushes. They ended up just burning the bush.

Elder Mikesell the Fourth

Another pic from my La Soufriere volcano hike!

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