Monday, October 12, 2015


From my hike to the top of the volcano last week.
When I flew to Barbados to meet President Herrington, I spent two days there before heading to St. Vincent. St. Vincent is far more beautiful than Barbados. It is more hilly and lush with vegetation. It's one of the less developed islands. I love it here, though. (: We cover the Caliqua building, so that's Diamond, Brighton, Caulder Ridge, Stubbs and another village. It's a big area and kind of hard to explain... aha.

We teach a lot of people. It's just a matter of who's progressing. We have two progressing investigators right now. Malinda, who just needs to come to church, but she has no car and lives far away. And, Kennald, who is a young 23 year old guy we found on my second day here. he's super cool, but also very busy. He has a car, but it's hard to find a time to teach him and eventually we will have to help him to quit smoking week. That's a tough thing to do here because everyoneee here his age does it. How do we deal with it? With the Spirit! Aha, unfortunately and fortunately, both of these people have their agency, so we can testify all day long about what's right and extend invitations, but they really have to want to live the gospel cause it takes a lot more to live it here than in Vegas, so we are asking a lot of them. But ya know... we're trying. Aha.

Me and Elder Merrell

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