Monday, October 26, 2015


We made homemade chocolate shakes! So good!

So, long story short, I have very little time today. The people who run the little internet cafe put me on this jank computer, and I wasted 40 minutes before I was like, "Can I get another computer?" and they wouldn't refund the wasted time, aha, but anyways...

Me and Elder Merrell
We taught our investigator, Malinda, this week. Kennald had his semi-finals football games, so of course we went to support him. :P Nicole... we're not sure where she went. We can't get a hold of her, and she didn't show up to our last lesson. Let's pray she's okay. The Preach My Gospel talks about not feeling discouraged because it drains your productivity. I just naturally haven't been discouraged, though. I just do my work the best I can and have fun :D and the people ultimately decide to progress, you know? It's disappointing sometimes but not discouraging.

You asked about any cultural differences... I'm actually keeping a list of everything that I find strange here. It's a loooong list, but I'll give you a couple. Dad might find this interesting... Some poor people, in order to get food, will walk to the beach and fish with nothing but a hook and fishing line. No pole.. which I would imagine would be difficult. And, I have now had two women just randomly start breastfeeding during a lesson. LOL. I'll keep adding to the list, though!

You can get "American" food at the grocery stores. We eat super healthy... everything from frozen pizzas to cereal, really. With the occasional taco night. We make spaghetti, just with fatter shorter noodles. The only two fast food places here are KFC and Subway. There's not a whole lot of tourism here in St. Vincent that I've seen. As a missionary, you move around your island for maybe 4 to 6 transfers then move to a new island. Time really has been going fast!

They don't celebrate Halloween in St. Vincent. They think it's weird and kind of satanic. aha. They're like, "Why ya wanta invite de evil spirits!" It makes no sense!"aha!

I'll send some pictures now. Love you all!

Elder Mikesell IV

A wedding we went to in another ward. I love weddings. aha!

A random cat.

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