Monday, January 4, 2016


My first baptism. January 2, 2016. Kay

So, I know other stuff happened this week, but can we just talk about my first baptism? Aha, Kay was baptized on the 2nd, and it was amazing. It was such a spiritual experience just watching her become truly converted. She always came to church, read the Book of Mormon and prayed for her own answers. Her baptism was done by Brother Selmon (the 1st counselor in the Branch Presidency), and I was able to give her the gift of the Holy Ghost the next day. I'm grateful for the whole experience and excited to continue meeting with Sister Durrant... that sounds weird... I'm still going to call her Kay, aha.

I had a good Christmas here (: Lot's of food and messing around with my favorite missionaries all night in the apartment. We had the whole zone sleep over for Christmas, which was fun. Aha, I want to kill some fellow elders but most of them are pretty great.

In other news, I was able to be a witness for the sister missionaries baptism at the beach, so basically I got to go swimming (:

I have to go shopping and save souls, but I love you!

Elder Mikesell the 4th

Elder Tulikihakau holding me in the ocean.

A crazy Rasta man and I just chillin.

Elder Tulikihakau holding me over a fire.

Where we get to do beach side baptisms. 

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