Monday, January 18, 2016


I thought this was a pretty cool picture (:

Our investigator, Ronica, is doing great! She's actually the main subject of this weeks email. aha. It's mostly good news. Ronica committed to being baptized while I was teaching her with one of the AP's. So, we set a date for a few weeks from now. Then she asked, "Elder Mikesell! You're going to be there to baptize me, right?" After telling her that I might be leaving in a week she was bummed, and I was too. So, I asked her if she thinks she will be ready for this Saturday. She was hesitant but said yes. But, Elder T and I are going to do the right thing and move her date back to next month because we are not sure if she's completely ready yet, and we don't want to rush or force her to get baptized too early if she's not ready. I'm bummed, and I hope I can stay here in Kingstown with Elder T one more transfer, but I'm not sure if that's going to happen. President Harrington is on the island right now until tomorrow, so I can always ask him to stay. But, either way, her eternal covenant with God is more important than who baptizes her. (:

Oh, also, Brian and Sister Hadaway are getting their marriage license tomorrow! So excited for them and for Brian's chance to work towards baptism after marriage. (:

I have to go now, so I can't reply to everything, but thank you for your support!

Elder Mikesell the Fourth

Elder T and I baked a cake for Sister Smith's birthday.

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