Monday, March 21, 2016


A Lehi's Dream Lesson with Dannis

Sorry for the lame email last week! The shops close really early here, so when everyone's having fun on P day, we kind of lose track of time and have like 30 minutes to email... ahah, but I'll try to do better this week!

So, Patrice just moved in with another man. sigh. but on the bright side, she's living there because she is waiting for materials to start building her house, but ya know, that won't happen any time soon. On the other bright side, her daughter is taking the lessons, too, now and wants to get baptized with her mom (: which is great because, I don't know if I've told you yet, but family values are not the same here... like marriage never happens and kids kind of just do whatever they want. It is sad, but it's just a different culture, I guess. That's why I really love teaching full families because it offers something that brings them all together. It unifies them and it's easy to see the different between an active member family here and a random family that we meet while contacting. There's more love in the home. They treat each other differently. It's hard to describe. But, that's the news on Patrice. Still as faithful as ever, though.

Kennedy is doing better, actually. We did what's called a "baptismal pathway" with him, and it went well. It's where you actually write down on a piece of paper what he needs to do to be ready for baptism. Normally, that might seem pushy to people, so that's why we only do it with those good friends who have a firm testimony, and Kennedy knows 100% and came to church by the way! And he's cooking for us this week, aha! So, he had an infection in his jaw that was giving him head aches and stuff, but he went to the doctor and got that taken care of, and he's back to the up beat Kennedy, which is good. (:

Oh! Also, we have this new investigator who's awesome. His name is Tevin, and he's 19. He's actually Shanica's cousin, and Shanica is a 19 year old member in our branch who is going to serve a mission, by the way! She's great. We've had a couple great lessons with him, and he really gets it. Lastly, Natalie is awesome and has a baptismal date, has finished the entire Book of Mormon in six weeks and is doing great!

Missionary life is good.. Pday life is pretty sweet... Apartment life could be better... aha, but we're getting AC soon (: Investigator life is sweet. We need more people, though. But our area is hard to contact because we live right in town. Hard to explain. Exotic food? Not much, but this might show you how much my taste buds have just magically changed because I loved this dish an investigator named Shawn made for us. He said it was like... salt fish with peppers and onions, rice and pinto beans... and other stuff.

Chase Houston Oblad Elder Mikesell

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