Tuesday, April 18, 2017


So, for starters... my birthday was fun. It was pday, and we had a little party (; then I got my package! And, oh my goodness mum. You went overboard in the best way possible. Aha, I've had a tummy ache lately, but I'm still not fat, so that's good. Aha, thank you for the ridiculous amount of junk food though (: It's been fun. Theeen it was Elder Neeve's birthday, so we had another little party. He got a package as well. Theeeen we had Zachary's baptism! Which was super great (: The first thing he said after emerging from the waters of baptism was, "Bloody hell!" Aha, it's kind of my fault though because he's a lot taller than me so he was hard to pick back up, and I hit his head on the pipe in the wall pretty hard, aha. But then we had testimonies and it was just great! (: So, yeah! Fun week. I'll send some pictures!



Zach's baptism! We look like a wifi signal or something!

Boxing for pday, but I don't know how to box, so I just wrestled with boxing gloves on!

Home made deviled eggs. I was so proud of myself. I had no paprika, though ;(

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