Monday, January 9, 2017


So, first off! I'm emailing on a crappy "smart" phone this week, so it's really hard to type, but I'll do my best!

Rema! What an experience. We went by his house Sunday morning as planned to take the bus to church with him, and his wife, Kellyann, answered the door to tell us that Rema had gotten home from work at 2am in the morning and was feeling terribly sick. Now, I've been in the Caribbean long enough to know that people will come up with all sorts of lame excuses to get out of a commitment, but I thought for sure Rema wasn't one of those people, and I just knew he was coming to church this week. Not just because he told me, but because the Spirit confirmed it to me when he said it. So, I asked if I could come inside and see him, and sure enough he was not faking. He was sick. But I knew he was supposed to come to church, so Elder Mills anointed him with oil and I sealed the anointing with a blessing. Now, my personality is one that wanted to say, "He really is sick. Let him sleep and heal." But the Spirit is a lot more bold than that, and in the blessing I told him to basically get out of bed and go to the Lord's church. Afterwards when it was me speaking and not the Spirit as much anymore, I told him to offer a personal prayer asking God what he should do.

Aha, so he did and a minute later he was up putting on his button up shirt. Still sick though. He was pale and had a lot of snot and a headache... Just not a good time. But by the time we actually reached the church building, he was back to himself again. He stayed for Sacrament meeting, felt the Spirit and had a good time. There's so much that I learned from that experience, but I'll just say I'm grateful that the Lord is on my side. Cause Satan is a jerk and really good at what he does. But I'm on the winning team, so it feels good (:

I'm going to throw this phone against the wall if I type anymore, though. Sorry!

I love you and thank you for your prayers. They helped Rema get out of bed yesterday (:


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